Kaysville Fiber

Kaysville fiber

Connecting Kaysville Today &

in the Future


As Kaysville City works to serve our residents better, we’ve been studying the needs and benefits of fiber optic infrastructure. Based on our research, we believe that fiber is critical infrastructure that can improve our residents’ quality of life, while helping the City run more efficiently and cost-effectively, stay competitive and thrive economically. The benefits and value of being connected are unlimited.


Kaysville Fiber = A connected city with better service at home for less cost.


100 Years Ago, People Were Hesitant About Power

Nearly 100 years ago Kaysville City was faced with a similar infrastructure task - building its own power infrastructure when there wasn’t a private entity that would. In the early 20th century electrical technology was still a novel concept so it was approached with hesitancy. People weren't sure it was needed given the prevalence of coal and wood burning resources. Residents thought that electricity would only be used for light poles and couldn't imagine how technology would advance and the variety of ways electricity would become instrumental to our daily lives.

Today, Kaysville City has a similar opportunity. Technology continues to advance and the need for high-speed connection increases every day. Making an investment in fiber, much like investing in electricity in the early 1900s, will help the City keep up with technological advances and ensure that we are successful now and in the future.



It Will Be Your Fiber Infrastructure 

Kaysville City’s fiber infrastructure will be built, owned and maintained by the City just like our power infrastructure. That means it will be your infrastructure — you’ll run it. The revenue it generates will stay in Kaysville.