Kaysville Fiber


Fiber Benefits Everyone


Connectivity Is Essential and Is Only Increasing

Technology and the way we transfer information and data is increasing at a rapid rate.  This means the need for fiber infrastructure is only going to increase.


We all live in Kaysville for its unsurpassed quality of life. Fiber optic infrastructure is a tool that ensures we maintain that quality of life. It will allow us to attract better services and businesses to our City; foster education and improve our schools; allow people to work more efficiently and profitably from home; and even keep us safer by reducing response times to emergency calls. A connected Kaysville is a better Kaysville.
— Kaysville City Mayor Katie Witt

Kaysville City residents and businesses will benefit from the City having fiber infrastructure to help it run smarter, but will also benefit from having access to an amazing base internet service that is fast, reliable and less expensive. Residents and/or businesses may then opt for a higher-level service, including symmetrical Gigabit speeds. 

On average, homeowners pay in excess of $50 a month to an internet service provider for basic internet access. If the City Council approves the project, Kaysville City will be able to offer basic internet service to all residents and businesses at a much lower cost while using the utility fee to pay for the fiber infrastructure. Now that’s a win-win.

I have the benefit of serving on the Technical Advisory Committee for this project and initially didn’t know much about the fiber and broadband industry. While I was skeptical at first, I came to learn that there is a huge benefit from investing in this type of infrastructure. Not only does it serve critical city operations, but it improves the market place for residents. When a city builds the fiber optic infrastructure, it removes the barrier to entry — allowing private internet providers to use that infrastructure. And that enables competition and ensures that residents get a higher quality product at a competitive price.
— Jordan Stephenson, Resident and Member of the Technical Advisory Committee