Kaysville Fiber


Cost & Financing

Kaysville City’s fiber infrastructure is estimated to cost $26 million to construct. This initial investment would be financed through a municipal bond. The bond would be paid off using funds collected from a new Fiber Utility Fee and lease agreements with users of the fiber infrastructure.

Fiber infrastructure offers a cost-effective, fast, reliable bandwidth. Most importantly, a fiber infrastructure generates a revenue to pay for itself by providing valuable internet service to residents and businesses at a reduced rate.

What Will Residents and Businesses Pay?

If the City Council approves the project, the fiber infrastructure would be billed as a utility just like power, water and trash services. As the infrastructure is completed and services are turned on in different sections of the City, residents would see a fiber fee added to their monthly utility bill. The following are the estimated fees:


People can opt-out of the connection to their home and a portion of the Fiber Utility Fee of $13 - $23 per month will still apply. They can also opt-out completely and no Fiber Utility Fee will be charged.

Residents that qualify for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAT), may receive assistance to lower the Fiber Utility Fee to as low as $1.50 per month.

There is also an option to pay a lump sum payment of $2,700 - $4,700 (residential) and have a lower Fiber Utility Fee of $1.50 per month. Commercial costs still to be determined under current model.