Kaysville Fiber


Process & Timeline


For some time, Kaysville City has been studying the needs and benefits of fiber optic infrastructure.  In June 2019, the Technical Advisory Committee – in conjunction with civic leaders, city staff and industry professionals – recommended that fiber be considered critical infrastructure. The Committee came to this conclusion because of the benefits fiber would provide in improving City operations and meeting the needs and requests of residents and businesses.  Plus, the reality is that no private or public company is building this needed infrastructure in Kaysville, so the City must rise to the challenge to bring access to world-class fiber optic infrastructure and services so we can all use “SMART city” technologies. 

Based on these findings, the City is now examining detailed parameters for the project and seeking additional public input. 


The Timeline



How Community Installation
Would Work

The City would run fiber optic cables primarily underground and some overhead down each street with lateral connections to every home, business and city facility and system, including water and power lines.  Once completed, all households and businesses will receive guaranteed basic internet access. Residents and businesses may opt out or can opt for a higher level of internet service, including symmetrical Gigabit speeds. 

The entire system is expected to take three years or less to install, with sections being turned on in phases along the way. Fiber optic experts, vetted through a competitive bidding process, would construct the network.