Kaysville Fiber

Survey & Opt-Out

Survey & Opt-Out


Kaysville Fiber Utility: A citizen-owned network to provide increased competition for Internet Services.

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Filling Out Your Survey

Kaysville City is needing information from every household in regards to the Kaysville Fiber Project. The survey is for input on how to roll-out this proposed utility service. 

Internet Service Providers

You will have the chance to indicate what speed and timing you would be most interested in once construction begins on your area. This is feedback for the city on how to roll-out the project, you will have the chance to sign up once construction begins.

Lump-Sum Payment

Residents may choose to pay for their portion of the infrastructure in a one-time payment rather than paying over time through the monthly utility fee. Depending on how many 

After paying the lump-sum option, you will only pay the ongoing utility fee of $1.50 per month. 

How is the Opt-Out reconnection fee decided?

The prices for the reconnection fees are data based on paying for your portion of the infrastructure one time versus over time. 

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The Home Connection Opt-Out

$3/ month Fiber Fee reduction x 360 months = $1,080, stated as a $1,000 fee.

Total Opt-Out

$13/month x 360 months is $4,680, late payment penalty of $320 bringing it to $5,000.

The Lump Sum Upfront payment is less, due to the City not needing to borrow the money and not incurring interest costs. The reconnection fee will vary depending on when a utility owner reconnects their home (for example if they chose to shortly after construction). After paying the lump-sum option, you will only pay the ongoing utility fee of $1.50 per month. 

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Landlords & Renters

Kaysville Fiber can be a great benefit to landlords and renters within Kaysville. Property owners will be able to advertise the asset of fiber and the availability of gigabit speeds. The Fiber Utility Fee can be paid by tenants with any of their other utility bills (like electric or water). If you have questions about how the utility bill will be assessed or any other questions please contact the city.